A guided inquiry approach to high school research


A guided inquiry approach to high school research

A guided inquiry approach to high school research

Auteur(s) du document : Randell K. Schmidt

Éditeur : Santa Barbara, California : Libraries Unlimited, 2013

Description : 179 pages

Résumé :

Teacher’s practicum — Student workshops. Workshop 1, The assignment — Workshop 2, What is the information search process and what is peer review? — Workshop 3, Understanding perspective and bias in information sources — Workshop 4, What are learning styles? — Workshop 5, Descriptive essay of your learning style — Workshop 6, Browsing and searching — Workshop 7, Going from big to small — Workshop 8, Information sources — Workshop 9, Proposal : what topic have you chosen? — Workshop 10, Understanding responsibility to intellectual property and the concept of plagiarism — Workshop 11, How to take research notes — Workshop 12, What are realia and why use them? — Workshop 13, Using and making notes from a primary source — Workshop 14, Organizing your research notes for an outline — Workshop 15, Judging your research notes and looking for gaps — Workshop 16, How to do backdoor research — Workshop 17, Using formal language and understanding the difference between private and public language — Workshop 18, How to compose your presentation notes — Workshop 19, Audio/visuals : what do you need? — Workshop 20, Using EasyBib to complete the bibliography — Workshop 21, Practicing the presentation — Workshop 22, Essay to reflect on your learning : what did I learn about myself? — Appendices. A, Sample course outline — B. First, second and third instruments — C. Letter sent home in preparation for student presentations — D. The appeal of the writing and research program — E. Ninth grade research project schedule (2012) sample — F. Choosing the best presentation — G. Noting the likes and dislikes of the project — H. Presentation rubric


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