Chamber (The)

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The chamber

The chamber

Author : John Grisham’s novel adapted by S. Harmes

Editor : Harlow (England) : Pearson Elt, 2008

Collection : Penguin Readers

Description : 120 p.

Number of copies : 34

The Chamber tells the story of a seventy-year-old man’s last bid to save himself from execution. Sam Cayhall has been on death row for more than twenty years when a young lawyer named Adam Hall appears on the scene and declares his mission to save him. As Adam digs into Sam’s past, he unearths scenes of horror and confessions of wrongdoing that repulse him. However, as the pair of unlikely companions works together, they eventually become close. They begin to realize that they are bound together by more than a mission. Sam’s hopes for salvation rise as Adam submits appeal after appeal, but the law seems to be against them. In the end, there is just one piece of information—the name of Sam’s accomplice—that could save Sam’s life or cost Adam his. [Penguin Readers]

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