This Can’t be Happening ! MacDonald Hall Book 1

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This Can’t be Happening ! MacDonald Hall Book 1

This Can’t be Happening ! MacDonald Hall Book 1

Auteur(s) du document : Gordon Korman

Author : Gordon Korman

Editor : Toronto : Scholastic, 2003 [1978]

Collection : MacDonald Hall

Description : 115 p.

Number of copies : 4

The first fearlessly funny book in the Macdonald Hall Series.

Macdonald Hall’s ivy-covered buildings have housed and educated many fine young Canadians.

But this year there are two students who want to shake things up a little: Bruno Walton and Boots O’Neal. They’re roommates and best friends, and they know how to have fun. To Headmaster Sturgeon — a.k.a. The Fish — they’re nothing but trouble.

Soon they have to face their worst nightmares. Boots is moved in with George Wexford-Smyth III, a rich hypochondriac, and Bruno has to bunk with science geek Elmer Drimsdale.

But they won’t let that spoil their school year, oh no.

Whatever it takes — even skunk stunts and an ant stampede — they’ll be together again by the end of the semester. [Scholastic]

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Disciplines : Anglais

Niveaux scolaires : Secondaire, Secondaire - Quatrième année

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