Can’t fall asleep

Situation d'apprentissage et d'évaluation

Description : Students are introduced to the Canadian writer, Robert Munsch, author of The Paper Bag Princess and 50 Below Zero, among others. Through his story, Mortimer, students will become aware of conditions leading to a good night’s sleep. Elementary 2 students will collaborate to create a personalized version of the story while Elementary 3 students will create a personalized product where they provide suggestions to help a child go to sleep.

Contenu : un fichier .zip de 12 Mo comprenant :

  • Teacher Guide.doc
  • Student handbook.doc

Thématiques exploitées :

  • Domaine général de formation : Health and Well-being
  • Axe de développement : Awareness of his basic needs : physical needs
  • Compétence transversale : To adopt effective work methods

Informations supplémentaires : 7 périodes de 45 minutes.

Sources : MELS

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